I’m Down But Don’t Count Me Out Yet!

I’m Not Ready For Retirement

I’ve really been hard on myself as far as my life’s accomplishments are concerned. I’ve beat myself up for not reaching the rank of general, for not becoming the top logistics manager in the field, the physical educator that I could have been and so on. I’ve gone through a somewhat slum in my life and from the outside things look great but only if you knew the challenges. When I review my life all of those things were what people saw in me. They thought I was going to be a great general, top logistician, or a leader in the physical education field. I realize now that I was trying to do what people saw me doing. Now I’m doing what I was created to do. I’ve ended up living my passion, what I was created to do; leading, coaching, motivating, building relationships, and building the confidence of those who can’t see successes in their lives. I enjoyed being the influencer watching my students flourish all over the country.

In Review

In review of my life I’ve determined that I’m not a failure because of my many accomplishments. My accomplishments aren’t something that I only possess nor are they tangibles. My accomplishments began when I was a kid in the boy scouts, through my military years, and I’m still accomplishing now.

I still have a passion for leading, motivating, and coaching a people through what is seen as weaknesses and impossibilities to their successes. I helped train, develop, and coached many of my peers to become great leaders in the military. Let’s see there’s a General, Colonels, First Sergeants, FBI agents, Senior Vice Presidents of distribution in well know global companies and so on.Vonnie D Wright MBA

I’m Down But!

Now I’m at the age of retirement and what do I have? I have relationships, friends, lots of stories of successes about others, grand children, a living 93 year old mom, a great brother, and lastly a great wife who is my greatest cheerleader.

I’ve lost several important and much needed things along the way and frankly I’m not ready nor prepared for retirement. I only have a few years before retirement and I didn’t retire from the military, I’ve divorced and remarried, lost my health via my first and only asthma attack, and I’ve lost and had to use some of my retirement savings as a result of all of these situations.

I’m Coming Back Don’t Count Me Out!

The brighter side of this coin is that I haven’t lost my passion to lead, train, coach, build relationships and develop people and Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to continue my purpose in life. Wealthy Affiliate Changing LivesI love hearing the hurts of people who have given up hope or they are so upset that they don’t see another way. So when I look back at my life, hear these stories, and have an opportunity to tell people my story I can only say, “I’m Down But Don’t Count Me Out Yet!”

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2 thoughts on “I’m Down But Don’t Count Me Out Yet!”

  1. Motivational content that many people can relate to. Awesome job writing this article. Life is like any sports game, it only ends when the final whistle is blown. Until that time comes, give your best, never give up and when you don’t stop, you will always have hope. Cheers:)

    1. Thank you for your comments. I just came in from the doctor as this is the time of year when my asthma seems to flair up. One of my co-workers made a comment that they knew I was sick but they also knew that I was trying to get there at all cost. Funny how everyone perceives me as someone who will not or who can’t quit. I will not let this illness get me down. I’m coming back! Thanks again!

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