Social Security who can live on it?

I picked up the mail today for a friend and she asked me to review her  letter from the Social Services Administration. What I began to read was the most shocking information that had to be interpreted to a senior citizen. This letter contained information about her financial earnings. This was the total earnings for a lady who has lived a full life as an Army wife. To add misery to this situation, this lady was married 62 years to her husband who was a soldier retired, died, and left behind a wife who has never had a W2 job.Worry or Relief

The lady’s home, of 37 years, is not paid for because of an earlier refinance, the mortgage is approximately $1300 monthly, and her social security is roughly $6000 per year in addition to her husband’s retirement of about $9000 totaling $15,000 per year.

Thank goodness she has a family who is caring for her. Is this a situation that you’re familiar with or do you know someone who is living the last years of their lives in this manner? I found myself searching for answers.

If you find yourself in this situation or if you’re expected to be the “go to” person for an elderly family member I recommend the following resources to help you:social Security Income Planning

Social Security Medicare & Government Pensions

Preparing for RetirementHelp someone you know or your loved one live comfortably with their social security benefits.

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2 thoughts on “Social Security who can live on it?”

  1. Hi Vonnie,

    What a great awareness article. I am such a support of our elderly community and believe that they hold a lot of wealth and knowledge from their lived experiences that can help the younger generation. My father is 70, he receives his pension but is still working full time as he not only enjoys work, but feels that without working he won’t be able to have enough financially to pay for things.

    I think online affiliate marketing will be a great activity for our retired community to connect and earn money. This is some great information and think your doing a fantastic job on raising awareness

    1. Thank you so much. I’m preaching what I’m living. I’m enjoying this journey and I’m working for me now!

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