How Will I Be Able To Work My Start Up Business While Still Working Full Time?

Your Start Up Business

Working your start up business while still working full time is a challenge especially when you haven’t included the necessary discipline needed to put in the time, daily, to keep the ball rolling.

There’s going to be some difficult times and there will be times when you’ll ask yourself, “How will I be able to work my start up business and my full time job?”  I recommend you click here to purchase “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris. This book will teach you how to work full time and work a home based business at the same time. It’s the one book that stays near me at all times.

There will also be a time when you’ll have to make yourself stop because the excitement is high and you are creating information or products 100 miles an hour! The key is organization, self discipline, and staying focused on your why and your vision.

Starting Your Own Home Based Business

I’ve found that as long as I have a problem to solve, I will be there until my client or customer is satisfied. Isn’t that why you are starting your own home based business in the first place? We are solving problems, helping people, providing much needed information that will have an impact on someone’s life. So there you have it, our need to solve problems for profit, for fun, or just to be helpful to someone is why and how we are able to keep going while working full time.

Can I Start My Own Business Home And Work Full Time?

Marah Lidley co founder of Shine Text shared her formula for “Staying Sane While Working Two Jobs” and she provides advice for maintaining your passionate momentum.

I’m going to share some of her advice that I used and I’m confident that it will give you a little bit more confidence in yourself.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

You have to share with your close friends and relatives that you are starting a home based business and you need and require their support. Be frank and tell them that they will not be seeing you as often at social events and that you may not respond to phone calls and text messages as quickly.

Figure out what is sacred to you, and keep it that way

What makes you happy now? If it’s going out with the kids, your wife, or friends then don’t stop doing it! You may not do it as often but that is what makes you you!

Create and lean on a strong support system

Identify your friends, partners, family members and put them on alert that you will need them when times get hectic and they have to be honest and truthful to you and help you stay in your chosen fight.  Let them know they will be very important to your success.

4 Hour Workweek


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