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My rating – 10

Starting an online business can be very daunting, lonely, and just plain out scary. The question you may have asked yourself is “Do I have what it takes” to build and start an online business?

What Questions Are We Baby Boomers Asking Ourselves?Confused man scratching head

Do I  have the necessary discipline? People very quickly lose discipline when working from home. With no boss watching you, no set schedule and none of the other cues to guide you daily. There’s also focus. There can be a lot of distractions pulling to get your attention like television, kids, and even work. Accountability- You now report to you, so you are ready to be accountable to yourself? Planning, when people work from home for the first time they tend to forget about planning. Finally, there is support. You need to have a strong relationship and support structure with those you care about most as you begin this new journey.

Why SBI?

I find the SBI program to be the answer to our questions and it has and is delivering a strong level of comfortability. When you begin building your sbiforwp-250x250business the one thing that you want to see and get excited about is your personal progress; you want to feel like you are learning and time has not slipped by and left you.

At the baby boomer stage, we are looking for products that will:

  1. Teach us the “how to do” things at our pace.
  2. Help us to develop our discipline,focus,accountability,planning techniques, and gain the needed support.
  3. Make us feel as if we are important and our expertise, passions, and experiences in life count for something.
  4. Lead us “hand in hand” not making us feel stupid because technology has somehow slipped by some of us.
  5. Not costly or expensive.
  6. No add on costly material after signing on.
  7. All in one inclusive packaging
  8. Worth every penny spent.

Who is SBI For?

And the diversity!... sbiforwp-468x60

Stay-at-home moms, retirees, teachers, sports fans, you name it… SBI! has changed the lives of so many people.  Click I love SBI and try it risk free for yourself!  It is a great tool to add on to the tool or system that you are already using and as you baby boomers have seen, it’s just what we’re looking for!

“Always Progress!”





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