Do You Like Your Job(s)?

Do You Like Your Job(s)?

This is a question that is unconsciously discussed between you and your inner mind while driving, when you have quiet time, when it’s time to go to work and even when you are at work. It’s a question to ask yourself, do you like your job(s).

My peers have always asked me this very question and they are and have been quite surprised with my reply. They ask and asked, “Von do you like this job?” I immediately say no I don’t. Wish you could have seen and see the expression on their faces. You see I’ve worked for a group of managers who think of the bottom line only and that’s not my cup of tea at all. My leadership background has never had anything to do with numbers except the most important commodity; my people.

Why Are You Here?

I need you to understand I like the product and results I get from my job; the pay. I don’t like my job, nor do I intend to like any job. The next question is the question that most people always ask. “Well how is that you have everyone in motion and they seem to enjoy what they are doing, and you are producing high performers?”

There are several parts of his question that I had to answer, and I will elaborate a little. First, my focus has been on the development of my troops, teams, groups, and individuals. How can I focus on a bottom line and the people are not developed to handle the dynamics of the environment that they live in 8 plus hours daily? If you come to work and only hear that you must produce 5000 units daily for 52 weeks of your life, what will that do for you? You become a slave to a repetitive process that’s called a job.

Does This Sound Familiar?

For most people the word job really does mean “Just Over Broke” so they go out and get another job and they still are in the worst condition. Why? Now you’ve put yourself though a stress that a lot of people in this country can identify with because they suffer from being over their heads in debt thereby causing migraines, high blood pressure, weaknesses in their extremities, and they are just totally exhausted thinking there is no better way out of their mess.

How can you love something or someone who produces a stressful life for you? Doesn’t make sense but millions of people leave their homes every day to take another brutal whipping. According to a new Gallup study, of the country’s 100 million full time employees, 51% aren’t engaged at work, meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs and tend to do the bare minimum. Another 16% are “actively disengaged” they resent their jobs, griping and thus resulting in low morale (CBS News, Mar,31, 2017).


Are You Safe From The Next Lay-off?

I’ve been through 4 lay-offs since I left the military in 1997. Are you safe from the next lay-off? The funny thing is each time I had risen to the positions in my industry that had great benefits like a company car, expense account, five figure yearly bonuses, and very good savings plans. You are never ready for the shifts in the economy and the bigger fish swallowing the little fish. The nasty word acquisition haunts me even now when I hear it. Acquisition means someone is gaining a lot and someone is losing even more. Are you safe from the next lay-off?

I’ve lost such a huge part of my life trying to survive during the down periods. I realized a long time ago that multiple streams of income were the way to go and I just could not find my niche because I was caught up in people taking something they didn’t ask for nor did they earn my position and status in life.

Wow, if I could have found those people who lied to us saying that “everything will be alright” knowing they were closing the doors the next morning. How about the new company taking you and your entire staff to Atlanta, GA for three days discussing the opportunities in the new company, having us fill out benefit packages, and returning home to our jobs in Charlotte, NC, 12/21, to changed locks on the doors and a sign in the window telling us we no longer had jobs! What a Christmas present. What have you done to prepare yourself for a situation that could be catastrophic to you and your family? Are you safe from the next lay-off?


What Should You Be Doing?


First, I want to share some real statistics with you that exposes the real posture of individuals at or nearing retirement.

Well, here
they are…and they are SCARY.

Scary Statistic 1: 63% of Americans do not have $500 in the
bank. (

Scary Statistic 2: 33% of Americans have $0 in retirement
savings. (

Scary Statistic 3: 1 in 5 Americans have no savings at all. (

Scary Statistic 4: HALF of Americans live paycheck to
Paycheck. (

Scary Statistic 5: 43% of Students cannot make payments on
their student loans (

Scary Statistic 6: The Average American owes $15,983 in
Credit Card Debt. (

Scary Statistic 7: 30% of Americans are Constantly Stressed
About Money. (

yourself, honestly… is this me?

And if the answer is ever “yes”  and you can begin your journey to get back on track.  Begin now, life has dealt you some bad cards, you’ve worked hard and are not financially ready for retirement. Begin rebuilding your life right where you are! There’s no time like the present to begin pulling ourselves back up.

Get back in the game and “Always Progress!”


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