What In Hell Are You Doing To Finally Get Out of The Rat Race?

What In Hell Are You Doing To Finally Get Out of The Rat Race?

What in hell are you doing? Okay, I’ve been out sick again and recovering nicely. My job as an Operations Supervisor is changing presenting more mental stress than ever and while I’ve been down “don’t count me out yet!”

I’ve created two more steams of income! I’m pressing towards my mark of creating passive income for my retirement that will be fun just because I’m learning something new and because I’m leaving something for my legacy.

My last post, “Who Do You Want To Work For” seemed to stir the pot a little but not enough to get you moving.  Wealthy Affiliate has been a great platform for me to initiate my first stream of income. It has allowed me to be the leader for which I am to others that I have not seen but get to reach out to by way of its platform. Being a premium member has given me a number of advantages. The number one advantage is the income and not having to pay for the membership out of my pocket.

What’s It Going To Cost You?

What’s it going to cost you? You have to put in the work in order to accept the price. Who is your market? Who do you want to work with? Is this journey worth it? When are you really going to begin working? These questions can only be answered by you for yourself. I had to accept the fact that there are many angles to this puzzle but there is one structure and a plan to follow with Wealthy Affiliate; follow it you might just discover something. It works!

Why Are You Comparing?

We tend to compare what we have with what we don’t have. More specifically, we compare what we have with what other people have and this becomes our focus and  makes us unhappy.

If there was no one to compare with, it would change everything. Most of us would probably feel more fortunate. The ability to see what we don’t have causes us to overlook what we do have. You have a lifetime of experiences, relationships, and you were born with skills.

There’s no way around that. There are only ways to reduce it. We can start by recognizing that envy may be what’s making you feel like you don’t have enough experience or education. That’s not true for everyone. Some people truly don’t have enough. But most of us likely do.

Enough will never feel like enough until you recognize that it’s enough. Look for contentment outside material wealth.

Our own impulses are what enslave us. Material wealth makes it easier for us to delude and trap ourselves by our own desires.

So I ask you again, “What in hell are you doing?” Get off your behind, focus, plan, and execute your plan.

“Always Progress!”


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