About Me

I’m Vonnie D “Von” Wright MBA. I’m a former US Marine and Army Officer. I’ve lived in places others only dream about and I’ve accomplished things that I never thought possible. I am now an Operations Supervisor for a major retail operations and Project manager for a real estate business in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’m currently planning my exit strategy in preparation for my retirement.Vonnie D Wright MBA

ImNotReadyForRetirement.com is created to allow “Baby Boomers” the opportunity to hear from others, discuss and develop possible avenues of approach, to provide and suggest solutions to the problem(s) while preparing to get back on your feet.

I know retirement is scary and stressful for you and like you I too have found myself in somewhat difficult times and I was able to see myself out.

Not Enough Money For Retirement?

Not enough money for retirement? Are you the caregiver for your parent(s)? Is your health condition causing or has caused you a financial setback? Do you need money for retirement? Are you  unable to continue to work because of your health condition?

These circumstances have positioned you to use your retirement money, and face it; either you enjoy being employed and/or you find yourself working harder at the age of 60 and 65, retirement, is approaching quickly and you are tired and hate it! What are you going to do?

My Purpose

My primary purpose in life is to pass on the blessing of leadership to others in my life. I want to show you how to create a life and lifestyle of your dreams using an amazing business model.

In 2012 I went back to school to obtain my graduate degree at the age of 57 and am proud of the trials and obstacles that I had to overcome to get to my existing place in life.

You see, I had an acute asthma attack on 2 April 2012 on the job at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC two weeks before my graduation. I’ve never been sick other than a cold so I was unfamiliar with the illness that was going to change my life. I’ll be transparent, I’ve been where you are and for many, I’m right where you are in life. I look forward to our relationship, becoming a resource and an instrument responsible for helping you regain confidence, trust, and your focus while you’re down as you begin regaining your life and enjoying your successes on the way back up. “Always Progress!”