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Goal Planning

What am I shooting for in 2018 starting today? Where am I? Where do I start? What am I trying to or have to achieve? How much time do I have?

Where Am I?

I’m stuck in my mind. I have 50 ideas rolling around and they all sound great, are achievable and they all get my attention. Question: Where am I? I’ll tell you; on a treadmill or wheel getting nowhere only making yourself feel good. What does that have to do with you taking care of your family? What does that have to do with you getting back up and moving forward? What does that have to do with your retirement plans?I’ll tell you not a damned thing!

Who are you fooling? Only yourself. Now turn around and look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the truth; you’re only fooling yourself and time is ticking away. Get off your butt and start making things happen again! You’ll need a foundation!

Where Do I Start?

Where do I start? I’ll tell you where you start; you start from the end, with your goal. What is it that you’re trying to achieve That’s where you start; the end. Let’s say you’re starting in Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing how are you going to reach your goal without signed followers in your business? Start there; I will have 500 signed members in 90 days. Goal 1 – 500 members .

Okay you’ve decided how money you need to have when you reach your first milestone, so 500 signed members in your business will get you there. Now let’s break that down with a little brainstorming session to figure out the “How” in what it will take to get those members. It goes a little like the following:

* You have an idea about something that solves a problem or need that you are passionate about and you can’t talk, eat, and sleep it without thinking about it!

* A niche/service/product
* Landing/Sales page
* Autoresponder
* Content

What Am I Trying To Or Have To Achieve?

Now the next part of your strategy is deciding the Who, What and Where. What are you trying to or have to achieve? I will advertise online on Craigslist, Backpage, with solo ads, on social media, on sites that cater to the types of people with the problem that I have a solution for. Businessman drawing marketing conceptsGoal 2, develop a marketing strategy and begin advertising. This strategy will include:

* Finding keywords that my targeted market are using to search for the solution to their problem
* Deciding on the channels of distribution for letting the world know you have a solution to a much needed problem or that you’re offering a service to take care of someone’s needs
* Developing articles to reach the audience
* Developing ads to capture the audience to get them in to some type of sales funnel
* Test the ads
* Analyzing the captured data

How Much Time Do I Have?

How much time you have is derived from the very first question in your goal planning; Why? Why do you have to achieve success here? Why is this important to you? Your “Why” is your strongest motivating factor. This is the reason why you began this journey in the first place. Let me help you:

  1. I’m not ready for retirement.
  2. I’m tired of working for someone else.
  3. I want the freedom to spend time with my grandchildren and family.
  4. I can’t afford to retire yet but I’m tired of working.
  5. I know there’s a better way to make a living at my age and I’m going to find it.

All of these are strong enough to answer the question “Why” so where do you fit in these whys? The question is how much time do you have to get your plan together? Start backwards now planning  with short check ins or milestone periods where you evaluate your posture. I recommend 90 day increments and be true to yourself. Go for it hard and steady you might be surprised in your success and achievement.

“Always Progress!”