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All of those marketing ideas — SEO, buying leads, outdoor advertising — share the same inherent flaw: They all target unknown audiences of people who don’t know who you are.  While there are plenty of marketing ideas for attorneys out there for example, making a long-term investment in the book of clients you’ve already generated will pay off over time.

The best marketing ideas are the ones you can easily repeat, over and over again. Simplicity is key when it comes to marketing.  Look for content marketing ideas and think about what your readers can learn from them like Contently did when  they interviewed Seth Godin  on the future of branded content.


Online marketing, or e-marketing, is much more environmentally friendly than offline marketing like direct mail or printed advertising. Online magazine  – Producing your own virtual magazine is another epic form of content marketing.

Cover events  – If you attend a conference (or even an online event), consider writing a post about what info you gathered from the event, what you found valuable, etc. Chances are others will find it valuable too! Use the hashtag from the event in your promotional efforts.


What creative marketing ideas for small business have you tried? If you’re looking for more creative marketing ideas for SMBs and entrepreneurs, check out this list of  50 strategies from the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur community  and these  modern ideas from Entrepreneur.

It is important to understand that being creative does not mean a marketer must sit in a room and come up with all new ideas on their own. What is “old hat” to you might be the next great marketing idea for someone else.


Introduce your idea and share its relevance. Don’t make your blog posts salesey, make them helpful for your prospects and they will see that content as very valuable because it helps them. If you’ve already started your blog, you won’t have trouble filling up a monthly email newsletter to your clients.

A blog is a content-management system (CMS) that makes it really easy to publish content online. In addition to generating great content that your customers are  really interested in reading  (or watching or listening to or downloading), developing content based on feedback from your customers has the added benefit of reducing the load on you trying to think of material to write or blog about


People like structure so send emails at the exact same time each week (Monday at 10am EST). People will be on the lookout for hot sales as holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day roll around. So make sure to keep your business top of mind. It’s a good idea to discount items that would be particularly relevant for each holiday.

If you’re new to marketing or an “Old Hat” how about sharing your ideas or leave a comment that will help someone else.

“Always Progress!”

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